︎ The Future 

I’ll be presenting work at the annual conferences of AoIR – The Association for Internet Researchers (October), 4S – Society for Social Studies of Science (October) and NCA – National Communication Association (November).

︎June 18 2021

Presented and heard about others’ exciting work on web archives/web histories at the RESAW conference.  

︎Values in Decline: Employee attitudes towards data loss

︎June 1 2021 

Interviewed about screenshots for an article in The Atlantic

︎ Screenshots Are the Gremlins of the Internet

︎May 4 2021 

Yahoo! Answers shut down ;( I published an op-ed in the LATimes about its closure, personal memory, and the importance of archiving social media. 

︎ Op-Ed: Yahoo! Answers is shutting down and taking a record of my teenage self with it

︎April 14 2021

Thrilled to have received a final year fellowship from USC’s Graduate School for 2021-2022.

︎April 7 2021

Awarded research funding from USC’s new Center for Science, Technology, and Public Life for work on the prehistories of data driven and racialized predictive policing practices.

︎April 5 2021

Published an article in First Monday about screenshots, public shaming, and how we get to know social and cultural expectations around novel media technologies.

︎ Screenshot, save, share, shame: Making sense of new media through screenshots and public shame

︎March 20 2021 

Presented ‘The Intersectional Way to Shut Down a Social Network: Theorizing Online Deletion Through Video Platform Vine’ at SCMS – Society for Cinema and Media Studies. 

︎February 1 2021

A chapter co-authored with Safiya Noble and Brooklyne Gipson on intersectional feminist approaches to big data was published in the edited collection Uncertain Archives (MIT Press, 2021).

︎ Uncertain Archives: Critical Keywords for Big Data 

︎January 1 2021 

Started updating this page ︎

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