I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and leading discussion sections for a variety of courses in the communication department at the University of Southern California. These include:

︎COMM 340: The Cultures of New Media (Instructor)

This mid- to upper- level course explored the cultural implications, ideological responses, and social contexts of digitally mediated communication. Surveying cultural processes of representation, identity, production, consumption, and community-building in relation to digital media, this course analyzed those mediating technologies we call “new” today: from algorithms to artificial intelligence, social platforms to predictive policing, virtual assistants to virtual learning, and beyond.

This course focused on the development of sound research skills and the implementation of these skills in student-led projects. One assignment offered the opportunity to publish essays on our course Medium blog, ︎ Old Media When it Was New.  

︎COMM 260: Public Speaking (Instructor)

A required course for communication majors, this class was designed for students to become effective and confident public speakers. Combining theory-based learning with skills-based practice, it takes into account the real situations in which students will encounter public speaking–academic, business, and social environments, as well as speech in everyday contexts, whether in-class discussion or interpersonal peer conversation.   

︎COMM 206: Communication and Culture (Discussion section)

This class serves as an introduction to cultural studies within communication. My discussion section emphasized first principles (e.g. thesis statement development, reading strategies) while digging deep into core cultural studies concepts. 

Syllabus page from The Cultures of New Media.