I'm a doctoral candidate (ABD) and Annenberg Fellow in communication at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism.

My work focuses on critical-historical approaches to information, with emphases on the prehistories and afterlives of data-intensive systems. 

My dissertation project–‘Sunsetting: Platform afterlives and the making of digital memory infrastructure’–examines the process of social media closure and content deletion in order to ask about the future of cultural memory.

Research related to these themes has been published or is forthcoming from outlets including Feminist Media Studies, First Monday, the International Journal of Communication, the Computer Communication Review, and elsewhere. (Many of these are open access, but please email for PDFs if not!)

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with a number of institutions on research projects or research-based creative work. I’ve been the recipient of fellowships from Harvard University's Library Innovation Lab, the ACM History Committee, and the USC Center for Science, Technology, and Public Life. I've also worked with computing institutions on their oral history collections (including the Computer History Museum and the A.M. Turing Awards), acted as an assistant editor at the International Journal of Communication, and collaborated with the Los Angeles Public Libraries on the Autograph Book of Los Angeles.

I live in Los Angeles, where I spend my time naming the local stray cats and eating ice cream. 

︎ corry@usc.edu

Updated ︎ July 2021